KooBits Editor

KooBits Editor is an engaging ebook creation software for children. With KooBits Editor, children are able to:

  • Create wonderful ebooks and presentations, and even interactive games;
  • Craft visual scaffoldings for creative writing in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil;
  • Choose from a rich resource pool featuring more than 50,000 royalty-free graphics and animation;
  • Collaborate and learn together with peers through e-publishing, sharing, commenting and voting.
KooBits Editor Tour Guide

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For schools outside Singapore:
email [email protected]

For Singapore public schools:
email [email protected]

KooBits Ebook Creator is an ideal way to engage young learners, and a spark to fire up their creativity!

Beautiful Showcase

Beautiful Showcase

  • Customisable bookshelf with different themes to choose from
  • Embed ebooks into your school’s website for easy sharing
  • A school digital library to support reading programmes
  • Showcase school’s activities to parents
  • Personalised bookshelf for each student and teacher
Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Learning

  • Real-time collaboration made possible on projects
  • Share with friends, classmates, teachers, and parents
  • On-page comments for interactive discussion
  • Peer evaluation through online voting system
  • Foster parents-school collaboration and communication
Powerful Ebook Creator Software

Powerful Ebook Creator Software

  • Multimedia content creation tool with integration of text, clip art, animated graphics, sounds and videos
  • More than 50,000 art clips and animation resources
  • Make characters and stories come alive through self-animation and movement
  • Create content in popular publication formats such as storybook, journal, scrapbook, comic and many more
  • No installation required. Access online anywhere anytime.
  • Auto-save, online-offline auto-sync

For schools outside Singapore:
email [email protected]

For Singapore public schools:
email [email protected]

Case Studies – School Programmes with KooBits Editor

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School (Primary)

A project to harness ICT for Self-Directed Learning and Collaborative Learning in Chinese lessons saw the school using KooBits Ebook Creator to conduct various programmes:

  • Engaging classroom presentations for teachers
  • Reflections on pupils’ learning journey
  • A school digital library to support reading programmes
  • Comics creation as part of creative writing exercise
  • Group research project in Chinese

Showcase at the North Zone Symposium 2011:

Zhengde Primary School

Programme: Sharing school heritage and values education

  • Interactive school story iPad app by Principal and teachers
  • Pupils create ebooks based on values
  • Share ebooks through the school’s online bookshelf as part of their reading programme

Download free iPad app – Zhangde Tree from AppStore:

St Hilda’s Primary School

Programmes: 1) East Zone Centre of Excellence English Language Media & KooBits Competition 2011 and 2012, 2) Cyber Wellness Programme for Pri 3

  • Create an interactive storybook based on an animated film
  • Unbelievably imaginative and enthralling works by student
  • Student-generated content for sharing and voting

For showcase, please go to

Hwa Chong Institution

Programme: Digital library and archive of historical school publications

  • Archive school’s magazines, yearbooks and research papers in a digital library made available to students, teachers and alumn
  • Central repository of teaching materials and students’ project work

Hwa Chong Institution Digital Library Website

Check out our school showcase at: www.koobits.com/showcase/koobits

For schools outside Singapore:
email [email protected]

For Singapore public schools:
email [email protected]