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1 in 4 Singapore primary school students are using KooBits ProblemSums to improve their maths


Introducing: KooBits ProblemSums

Introducing KooBits ProblemSums

ProblemSums by KooBits is an online maths learning system for primary students. It personalises maths learning for each child through a set of customised daily activities designed based on the child’s learning profile over time.

KooBits ProblemSums has one of the largest collection of challenging maths word problems and video lessons, featuring more than 700 mathematical skills for your child to master. There are daily learning activities and weekly homework for your child to practise. Your child can also take part in online competitions and win prizes.

It supports login from PC, Mac, iPad, Android or other tablets, and can be accessed from anywhere with Internet connection. You will also be able to assess your child’s usage and proficiency report at any time to stay connected to your child’s learning.

    ~ What The Students Will Get with KooBits ProblemSums ~

  • KooBits ProblemSums - MOE maths syllabus alignment
    Differentiated skills map aligned to the latest MOE maths syllabus

  • KooBits ProblemSums - 10,000 maths questions
    10,000+ problem sum questions in your child’s level to practise

  • KooBits ProblemSums - Video lessons
    Detailed video lessons for each question type to facilitate self learning

  • KooBits ProblemSums - Step-by-step solutions
    Step-by-step solutions with necessary models and diagrams

  • KooBits ProblemSums - Homework assignement
    Automatic & manual homework assignment with auto-marking and score tracking

  • KooBits ProblemSums - Maths olympiad
    Challenging and maths olympiad questions to stretch your child’s mathematical thinking

  • KooBits ProblemSums - Maths challenge and competition
    Competitions and maths challenges for your child to win attractive prizes and stay engaged

  • KooBits ProblemSums - Printable worksheets
    Printable worksheets available to prepare your child’s maths exams

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