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KooBits® ProblemSums™

  • The Best Online Singapore Maths Programme for Your Child. Learn to Understand Maths Word Problems and Achieve Better Test Scores!
$4/Month Only!

What is KooBits ProblemSums?

  • Proven Method That Helps Your Child Quickly Solving Questions
    The core of KooBits ProblemSums platform is built with Singaporean maths model method, which is highly recommended by educators worldwide. Because it helps pupils understand maths questions clearly and solve word problems effectively.
  • Step-By-Step Solutions & Video Lessons Walk Your Child Through
    More than just 100,000 maths questions created by experts and aligned to the latest Singapore MOE syllabuses, KooBits walks through the entire solving process with video tutorials so your child knows exactly what to do and will feel confident implementing every step.
  • Personalised Technology to Motivate Your Child To Learn Every Day
    Besides accessing any mathematical skill to learn and practise, every day your child will receive personalised questions suitable for strength & weakness with instant rewards system to encourage your child to practise regularly and form good learning habit.
KooBits ProblemSums - Content & Syllabus Alignment

$4/Month Only!

What’s Inside KooBits ProblemSums?

  • KooBits ProblemSums ScreenshotsKooBits ProblemSums - Skill Map
    Differentiated skill map aligned to the latest MOE maths syllabus
  • KooBits ProblemSums ScreenshotsKooBits ProblemSums - Thousands of Questions
    10,000+ problem sum questions in the student’s level to practise
  • KooBits ProblemSums ScreenshotsKooBits ProblemSums - Video Lessons
    Detailed video lessons for each question type to facilitate learning
  • KooBits ProblemSums ScreenshotsKooBits ProblemSums - Step-by-step Solutions
    Step-by-step solutions with necessary models and diagrams
  • KooBits ProblemSums ScreenshotsKooBits ProblemSums - Homework Assignment
    Automatic & manual homework assignment with auto-marking and score tracking
  • KooBits ProblemSums ScreenshotsKooBits ProblemSums - Maths Olympiad
    Challenging and maths olympiad questions to stretch your child’s mathematical thinking
  • KooBits ProblemSums ScreenshotsKooBits ProblemSums - Competition & Prizes
    Competitions and maths challenges for the student to win attractive prizes and stay engaged
  • KooBits ProblemSums ScreenshotsKooBits ProblemSums - Printable Worksheets
    Printable worksheets available to prepare the student’s maths exams

$4/Month Only!

What Students & Parents Say about KooBits

I like KooBits because it has helped in my mathematics i have now improved from 70-80+ to 90++. I also like KooBits because it has competitions that we can take part in and compete to see how well we fair.”

Liau Ee Juin, CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel

My son learnt so much in practicing koobits… His teacher was amazed at his enthusiasm in understanding maths concept. Really a lifesaver to all maths loving kids Thanks again.”

parent of Roshan. Aqtar, Yuhua Primary School

My daughter has benefited tremendously from using KooBits on a daily basis and had fun with the challenge. We look forward to continuing to use KooBits to sharpen our girl’s math skills in a fun manner.”

parent of Noelle, Singapore Chinese Girl’s School

KooBits is now a daily math ‘tuition’ for me. everyday, I wonder what the next day’s challenges will be. I look forward to doing it daily as points are accumulated.”

Ezra Lim Zheng Xi, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School

$4/Month Only!

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