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Help your child learn solving maths problems with proven model method in step-by-step video lessons.

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Learn exactly how to solve maths problems using world's best proven model method.

Based on Model Method, Singapore Maths is the most successful maths curriculum in the world according to global maths assessment authority. Why? Let’s take a look:

Model Method

Traditional Method

As you see, Model Method removes the challenge of finding common denominator. Now you can easily visualise the problem to solve it.

With 1000+ Model Method Video Lessons from KooBits

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Now Start Solving Maths Problems Differently!

With KooBits Maths learning programme, your child will be able to quickly and easily…

  • Understand maths questions step by step – by breaking down word problems using bar model method learned from video lessons
  • Boost confidence in solving maths problems – with bite-sized daily practices, engaging activities, brain games and instant rewards
  • Achieve better maths test scores – through adaptive and personalised maths learning path aligned with latest Singapore MOE syllabus

Sample Primary School Curriculum:
Primary 1 Primary 2 Primary 3 Primary 4 Primary 5 Primary 6

How KooBits Maths Is Different?

Proven Maths Learning Method

Maths model method is highly recommended by educators worldwide. Because it helps pupils understand maths questions clearly and solve word problems effectively.

Question Breakdown & Walkthrough

KooBits breaks down the question and walks through entire solving process with video tutorials so your child knows exactly what to do and feels confident implementing every step.

Learning with Daily Practices

Besides unlimited access, every day your child will receive personalised questions suitable for strength & weakness to encourage regular practice and good learning habit.

Ready to Learn and Master Any Maths Skills?

1000+ Video Tutorials. 100,000+ Practice Questions.
Unlimited Access. Regular Updates. Happiness Guarantee.

$12/Month Only!

KooBits Maths includes:

  • 1000+ maths model method video lessons
  • 100,000+ primary 1-6 topical maths questions
  • Step-by-step solutions with models and diagrams
  • Differentiated skill map aligned to latest maths syllabus
  • Automatic homework marking and tracking
  • Challenging questions to stretch your child’s thinking
  • Competitions for your child to stay engaged
  • Printable worksheets to prepare your child’s exams

Unlimited access through Web browser on desktop computer, Mac, iPad, Android tablet or any digital device with Internet connection from anywhere anytime as you like.

Over the years, KooBits has been trusted by many industry experts and leaders, including winning the prestigious EdTech Excellence Award by Bett, world’s biggest education technology exhibition.

KooBits Daily Engagement in Past Months

Hundreds of thousands of students are using KooBits to learn maths every day.

150,000+ parents & students trust KooBits in maths.

“I like KooBits because it has helped in my mathematics i have now improved from 70-80+ to 90++. I also like KooBits because it has competitions that we can take part in and compete to see how well we fair.”

Ee Juin

“My son learnt so much in practicing koobits… His teacher was amazed at his enthusiasm in understanding maths concept. Really a lifesaver to all maths loving kids Thanks again.”

Parent of Roshan

KooBits is now a daily math ‘tuition’ for me. everyday, I wonder what the next day’s challenges will be. I look forward to doing it daily as points are accumulated.”


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$12/Month Only!


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