The KooBits Young Writers Competition

The KooBits Young Writers Competition 2016

Award Results Announced.

Here is the full list of all winners.


Jovan GohiDestiny

Benjamin Chew Wen JinMultiplication Saved Dave’s Day!

Ng Qi QiWei Xiang learns Multiplication and Division

Aiden Choo Xu ZhangThe Multiplication Ghostbusters

Tata Geet RakshitaThe Mystic & Magical Mountains

Teo Jing AnMathematics in life

Tanuku Sai Surya LohithFirst experience of going shopping alone


Chong Xin YueThe Diamond Queen

Clara Teng Jia HuiHelp The King!

Sankar Babu MadhanMATH PLANET…


Chloe Koh Ke YingMaths Genius

Skylar Choo You LeSchool Project on Area & Perimeter

Chou Yi XuanMultiply.For your parents’ sake.

Elyssa Yeo Jia XuanA camping experience

Lucas Lai Kah LokCarnival Day

Mandy MyatPrinciple of Fairness

Sankar Babu SarathThe Robot

Shannon Teng Min HuiThe Magical World

Tee Ren JieThe Journey To Deafeat Captain Tri

Jonathan Khoo Kai HanAdventures with Three Little Gloopies

Lim Yann FongThe Three Tribes


Soha KhanP and D’s Chicks – Addition


Kumaran KavyadharshiniMath’oon

Leong Yi AnThe Area Of Triangles

Muthukrishnan NethraThe Mathamatics World

Ramesh Kannan DurgaVishnu Sees The Fairy

ShenxueyanWendy Learns Multiplication

Tee Ren HaoDiary – Power of Multiplication and Exponential

Yeong Jie Kai IgnatiusCruise 2016

Ethan Ng Jia Le Koobits Ice Hockey

Vakada Chinnikrishna PushkarMultiplication is FUN

Vaneezah Raza KhanLenny’s Plants

Fu JunhaoTeaching Zwerk division

Joshua Chew Kai EnThe number prophcy

Laksh MadhavanThe Robbery

Foo Wen QiFraction ! The World of Koobits !

Hylde Zoe Tan Van Den HoovenAlbum – Pink Classic

Krishnan MukundSquares & Rectangles

Ong Zi Cheng, JetAddition and Subtraction within 1000

Ta Hieu Anh JustinA tale of two robots

Tan Jin Xicarnival day

Yadunandan AbhinandanPip and “Fun” math


Ng Qi QiWei Xiang learns Multiplication and Division


Tanuku Sai Surya LohithFirst experience of going shopping alone

Tata Geet RakshitaThe Mystic & Magical Mountains

Chong Xin YueThe Diamond Queen

Elyssa Yeo Jia XuanA camping experience

Jovan GohiDestiny

Chloe Koh Ke YingMaths Genius

Jonathan Khoo Kai HanAdventures with Three Little Gloopies

Ramesh Kannan DurgaVishnu Sees The Fairy

Yadunandan AbhinandanPip and “Fun” math


  • Aiden Choo Xu Zhang
  • Benjamin Chew Wen Jin
  • Chloe Koh Ke Ying
  • Chong Xin Yue
  • Clara Teng Jia Hui
  • Ethan Ng Jia Le
  • Foo Wen Qi
  • Hylde Zoe Tan Van Den Hooven
  • Jonathan Edward Sinarta
  • Jonathan Khoo Kai Han
  • Joshua Chew Kai En
  • Kumaran Kavyadharshini
  • Laksh Madhavan
  • Leong Yi An
  • Lim Yann Fong
  • Lucas Lai Kah Lok
  • Mandy Myat
  • Muthukrishnan Nethra
  • Ng Qi Qi
  • Ong Zi Cheng, Jet
  • Shannon Teng Min Hui
  • Skylar Choo You Le
  • Soha khan
  • Ta Hieu Anh Justin
  • Tan Jin Xi
  • Tata Geet Rakshita
  • Tee Ren Hao
  • Tee Ren Jie
  • Teo Jing An
  • Vaneezah Raza Khan
  • Yadunandan Abhinandan
  • Yeong Jie Kai Ignatius


KooBits Young Writers Competition is an online writing competition for 7-12 year-olds. The event is organized by KooBits to promote works by children, for children.

Different from the traditional pen-and-paper writing contest, KooBits Young Writer Competition is taking a very unique format of getting young children to author and publish their stories into ebooks, using a child-friendly ebook creation tool – the KooBits Editor. Participants are to develop an interactive digital book based on a given theme, and to use multimedia resources to present the story in an engaging and interactive way.

The competition’s main aim is to foster excellence in creativity by providing young children the platform to develop their expressive talents and creative writing skills. By publishing the works of children, it is hoped that other young children will be motivated to write as well. We hope to make children see writing not as school work, but as a form of communication and self-expression – one of the most important 21st century skills.

– Age Categories

Category 1: 7 to 9 year-old (Primary 1 to 3)
Category 2: 10 to 12 year-old (Primary 4 to 6)

– Prize

Winners and finalists of each category will be awarded with the KooBits Children’s Book Prize and certificates.

KooBits Children’s Book Prize 2016
Category:Category 1 & 2
(up to 10 winners)
• $20 Book Voucher
• Winner Medal – Gold
• Certificate of Award
(up to 20 winners)
• Winner Medal – Silver
• Certificate of Award
(up to 30 winners)
• Winner Medal – Bronze
• Certificate of Award
Top 10 Most Popular
(top 10 winners)
• Special KooBits Gift
• Certificate of Award
FinalistsCertificate of Achievement
100 KoKo Credits
(for existing KooBits ProblemSums users)

Showcase & Demo

Look at the works of other children and get an idea of what a finished product may look like. Click below to view

For more demo books, visit http://ebooks.koobits.com.

– Video of Past Contests & Software Demo

KooBits Young Writers Competition 2015 – winning entries

Click the bookshelf below to view 2015 winning entries
Young Writers Competition 2015 Shelf

Click on the video below to see the process of creation and have a glimpse of what the software tools that children will be using.

KooBits has organized writing competition with other partners before. Watch this video to see the fun process of developing a story and author your own ebook.

KooBits Editor is a child-friendly ebook creation tool that enables students to write, share and publish ebooks online. It goes beyond the plain text ebooks, allowing your students to build multimedia ebooks and projects. The ebooks created using KooBits Editor are interactive and engaging; they provide features that paper books cannot.

For Parents

– What Will My Child Learn

Through participating in the KooBits Young Writers Competition, your child will learn the following skills (all participants will receive online courses during competition):
• Storyboarding skills
• Creative Writing Skills
• Multimedia design skills
• Ebook creation and publishing skills

– What Will My Child Receive at the End of the Competition

• Certificate of Award/Participation
• A published storybook by your child
• A downloadable version of the storybook created by your child
• Editor’s feedback on your child’s writing
• The chance to be featured on KooBits website
(subject to the quality of your child’s work)


– Important Dates

11 May 2016Open for online registration
31 May 2016Early-bird Registration Deadline
19 Jun 2016Normal Registration Deadline
20 Jun 2016Start of Competition
Release of Competition Guide
Issue of participants’ login accounts
18 Jul 2016
(17 Jul mid-night)
Submission Deadline
19 – 28 Jul 2016Judging and shortlist of finalists, Editorial Review
29 Jul 2016Announcement of finalists
30 Jul – 6 Aug 2016Final amendment by finalists
9 – 20 Aug 2016Voting of Most Popular Book
25 Aug 2016Awards Results Announcement
(To Be Announced)
Awards Giving Ceremony at Year-end Grand KooBits Event

– Theme

The theme for the KooBits Young Writers Competition 2016 is “StoryMath”.

Participants are to create stories that teach a maths concept in an interesting way. Participants can choose from a set of given maths concepts, which are selected based on the latest Singapore MOE Mathematics curriculum, and are based on participant’s own primary level textbook.

KooBits StoryMathKooBits StoryMathKooBits StoryMathKooBits StoryMath

– Rules

1. The KooBits Young Writers Competition is open to all children in Singapore and in the Southeast Asian Region who are enrolled in primary school and is below 13 years old.

2. Entries must be in English.

3. Entries must be a minimum of 400 words for Category 1, and a minimum of 800 words for Category 2.

4. Entries shall have presentable graphics and demonstrate appropriate use of multimedia

5. Entries can be from any of the following genres:
– Science Fiction
– Magic and Fantasy
– Ghosts and Ghouls
– Mystery and Adventure
– Animal Tales
– Personal/Factual Recount

6. One contestant can only submit one entry.

7. Entries must be of original work and not previously published. As the event promotes works for children, the reading level of submitted entries should cater to children no older than 13 years.

– Judging

A panel of three judges will shortlist the finalists from each category based on the quality of the stories submitted. Results will be announced on 29 July 2016.

The judges will be looking for high-quality writing, stories that demonstrate originality, imagination and creativity, and writers who can capture the reader and hold their attention.

Please read detailed judging criteria here: https://goo.gl/MqH0cF.

How to Take Part

Step 1: Make online payment for competition entry fee
— Registration Closed —

Step 2: Complete the sign-up form
— Registration Closed —

Entry Fee
Normal Registration:$30Deadline:19 June

Entry Fee Includes:
• Storyboarding tools
• Editorial review
• Online access to KooBits Editor – ebook creation tool
• Certificate of Award/Participation
• Online Course – How to do storyboarding and tips for writing a good story
• Online Course – How to create and publish ebook using KooBits Editor

– FAQs

What happens after I make payment?
– You will receive an acknowledgment email. The official competition guide and login info will be sent you on 20 June 2016.

Refund policy
– No refund is allowed after 31 May if paid as early bird.
– No refund is allowed after 14 days of payment.
– No refund is allowed after the competition starts on 20 June.

Contact us
– For enquirers, please send an email to [email protected].


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