“My Cute Badge-Photo Contest” on Facebook

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About The Contest

Badge Photo“My Cute Badge-Photo Contest” is a creative photography contest for KooBits badge winners. It aims to inspire creativity among students and bring fun and joy to the KooBits community of members.

Badge winners shall take a photo of themselves carrying the KooBits Badge in the cutest and most creative way, and share the photo on Facebook (through parent’s facebook for example). The judges at KooBits will pick the top 3 most creative photos as winners and feature them on the KooBits Challenge website. KooBits will also randomly select 5 lucky winners from all participants.

Period: 1 June to 22 June 2014
Eligibility: KooBits Badge winners (Student who reaches Genius and Mathematicians leagues will receive a collectable badge.)


Step 1: Take a photo of yourself wearing the KooBits badge;
Step 2: Log in your parent’s Facebook account;
Step 3: Join KooBits Badge Winners group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/592498390864841/;
    log in Facebook Join Facebook group
Step 4: After approval, click ‘Add Photo / Video’ then ‘Upload Photos/Video’;
    Add photos upload photos
Step 5: Write descriptive text ‘My Cute KooBits Badge! ~ [Name] [Level] [School]‘ and click ‘Post’.
    add text and post

Judging Criteria

    Qualifying criteria:

  • Your photo must show the winner together with the badge
  • Badge must be prominent
  • Descriptive text “My Cute KooBits Badge! ~ [Name] [Level] [School]”
  • Picture quality must be clear
    Winning criteria:

  • Creative ideas
    • Tips:

    • Bring KooBits badge to different places
    • Try different poses
    • Matching color of your outfits with the badge
    • Shoot the photo using unique camera angles


No. 1 Winner

No.1 Winner Prize
  • A pair of movie tickets to be the first one to watch Transformers: Age of Extinction on 26 June 2014
  • Miko soft toy (Limited Edition by KooBits)
  • Featured on KooBits Challenge website

2nd and 3rd Place

2nd & 3rd Place Prize
  • Miko soft toy (Limited Edition by KooBits)
  • Featured on KooBits Challenge website

Lucky Winner

Lucky Draw Prize
  • Miko soft toy (Limited Edition by KooBits)