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What Parents Say About KooBits

My daughter is a brilliant girl, but lazy and only interested in playing games. But now she’s interested in KooBits after seeing her name on the Scoreboard.”

— Joji Thomas, parent of Joanne Thomas

KooBits EDU tackled the most difficult part of a child’s learning journey – motivation. By letting a child to compete for top honour, my daughter is very motivated to become the highest scorer and actually was learning along the way without knowing that she was actually learning. She plays and learns. It is great!”

— Koh Shoon Kuan, parent of Koh Kai Qi

Kids are being attracted to the way that questions are being displayed, and the music/sound that follows everytime questions are answered correctly. They like that they can replay too.”

— Ong Hong Lu, Parent of Chloe Hor Wen Xuan

It’s a fun, interactive & engaging online platform which takes the load off moms in a good way. ”

— Susan Tay, parent of Marcus Foo

My child is dyslexia and adhd. as such, he is more of a visual learner…I continue to want him to enjoy doing these assessments with you.”

— Stella Lim, parent of Matthew Tan Zhi En

KooBits EDU helps children to gain more knowledge and motivate them to study by doing more assessment books.”

— Loh Yew Khang, parent of Loh Wan Ling

I really think that KooBits have motivate my boy towards learning in all his subjects.”

— Sandy Chieng, parent of Melvin Lee Khang Ming

Self discipline; create self awareness to do assessment. ”

— Fung Guat Ching, parent of Wong Yee Ren

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