The “Why” of KooBits

Why we wake up every morning, and do what we do.


Let’s think of a child who lives in an underprivileged environment. It’s near impossible to give this child a quality education today without a complete infrastructure upgrade. If we were to wait for the local government to build a good school, recruit and train good teachers, it may take a good 10 to 20 years.

The tradition of having classroom teachers to impart knowledge to our children has been around for thousands of years. We believe this mode of education is being challenged in the digital era. The four walls of schools are “melting” fast. Learner communities around the world have become more connected than ever before.

With the help of new data-driven and behaviour-shaping technologies, we believe not only we can deliver quality content to the masses in a more efficient and personalized way; we can now use technology to empower a child to self-learn, self-assess and master critical knowledge even with minimal adult supervision.

We believe a child can receive “tomorrow’s education” today. It’s a difficult and challenging task but it’s not impossible. It is our mission to make it a reality.

Our long term vision is to transform education beyond the traditional classroom barrier. We want our children’s learning to take place virtually from anywhere at any time, with the best quality content from the best educators around the world.

The Aspirations of KooBits

To groom the next generation innovators and problem-solvers


Our initial reason of entering the education industry is a selfish one. In 20 years, we’ll wake up in a world operated by the children today. We want to make sure that we will be in good hands. We want to be taken care of by a generation of innovators and problem-solvers, who can think critically and creatively. Education is the insurance policy for our future.

Today’s biggest challenges such as pollution, global warming and traffic gridlock are all created by people. We believe they will need to be resolved by people too. If not today, it has to be solved in some not-too-distant future by the generations to come.

From this perspective, our education system is the single most important invention ever created. We need the education system not only to impart knowledge from one generation to the next, but also to groom future talents who can solve problems that our generation cannot or have not solved.

We need to groom the next generation of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and the future innovators and leaders who are able to solve complex problems in our societies.

However, there is a big disparity between this aspiration of education and our everyday reality.

Due to our relentless emphasis on competition and thus test results, we seemed to have lost our perspectives of education. Our spirit of nurturing future problem-solvers seemed to have diminished over time. For instance, it’s common to see the word choice of “studying” and “schooling”, instead of “problem-solving”, to represent our focus in education.

We want to change that. We want to bring back the spirit of problem-solving to our children. We want to equip them with problem-solving skills that prepare them for real world problems that they may encounter in their everyday lives.

We want to nurture lifelong learners who are empowered to constantly acquire new skills and knowledge. We believe that eventually, our children can impact the community at large, in ways beyond our imagination.

What We Do

KooBits develops digital tools and platforms to help children learn better.

We engage children with beautifully designed software and learning content. KooBits software tools are intuitive, interactive, media-rich and highly motivating. Co-developed with top educators and experts in child development, KooBits learning contents are age-appropriate, relevant and aligned to the latest education curriculum and syllabus.

Our flagship product is KooBits® Maths, previously known as ProblemSums™. It is a highly personalised maths platform for learning mathematics, powered by Big Data technology and a healthy dose of gamification. This product is currently widely adopted in Singapore, making it one of the top maths learning platform in the country. KooBits Maths has also been licensed internationally to Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines etc, with Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and a lot more in the pipeline.

KooBits will continue to develop solutions for solving learning challenges faced by children and we hope to accomplish this through a community of parents, schools and partners.

Who We Are

KooBits Learning Pte Ltd is the owner of all KooBits® products.

We are a dynamic group of educators and technologists who hold the strong belief that the paradigm shift in education is happening right now, and digital technology – being the catalyst of this change – will completely transform how people learn and interact with each other. It’s our aspiration to join in the wave and be one of the change makers.

Our Awards

Bett Asia 2015 Edtech Award - KooBits

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