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…teachers say [Singapore Math] helps even young children to develop confidence in their math abilities. ”

– The New York Times


Singapore Math Worksheets Testimonial #1

My daughter’s a brilliant girl, but lazy and only interested in playing games. But now she’s interested in KooBits after seeing her name on the Scoreboard.”

– Norman R. Thomas, parent


Singapore Math Worksheets Testimonial #2

My daughter has gone from a low D at the end of the 2nd quarter to a low B this quarter. There is still room for her to improve…”

– Rosalind Smith, parent


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Why Should My Child Learn Singapore Math?

According to The New York Times, more and more elementary schools in United States adopted Singapore math method, which is based on the national math system of Singapore and aims to emulate that country’s success by promoting a deeper understanding of numbers and math concepts. Students in Singapore have repeatedly ranked at or near the top on international math exams since the mid-1990s.


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