1 in 3 Singapore primary students are using KooBits ProblemSums to improve their maths

KooBits ProblemSums

More Than 10,000 Maths Problem Sums Questions for Your Child

What You Get with KooBits ProblemSums

  • KooBits ProblemSums - MOE maths syllabus alignment
    All topics aligned to the latest MOE maths syllabus

  • KooBits ProblemSums - 10,000 maths questions
    10,000+ problem sum questions for your child to practise

  • KooBits ProblemSums - Video lessons
    Detailed video lessons in each topic for self-learning

  • KooBits ProblemSums - Step-by-step solutions
    Step-by-step solutions with necessary models & diagrams

KooBits ProblemSums Is Also Available for School Subscription.

Thank you for your interest! Please recommend KooBits ProblemSums to your child’s school for school trial.

If your child’s in a Singapore public school but the school has no plan for school subscription soon, you’re invited to individual subscription:
Step 1: Write an email to [email protected] with your child’s full name, school and class;
Step 2: We’ll review and reply with special online payment link;
Step 3: Once payment received, account details will be sent to you within one working day.

Questions?   Email: [email protected]   OR   Call: +65 6873 2370 / +65 8484 6624


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