I love to do KooBits Challenge because it helps to improve my Math. I do it everyday!
KooBits challenge has helped me a lot It improved my math to an A instead of a B. It is quite fun too!
KooBits is now a daily math ‘tuition’ for me. everyday, I wonder what the next day's challenges will be. I look forward to doing it daily as points are accumulated.
I like KooBits because it has a formula that always work on questions we do not know how to do. They also give us a feeling of accomplishment when we solve the questions correctly. What makes it the most interesting is that they give us prizes for the goals they set for us.
KooBits is a very interesting Maths site which helps me to improve not just Maths but the pace I do too. I guess all kids from all schools should practice doing Maths from KooBits. Thank you, KooBits Team.
I like KooBits as it is fun and makes different types of challenges at different difficulty levels for us to try... Way to go KooBits!
I like KooBits because it has helped in my mathematics i have now improved from 70-80+ to 90++. I also like KooBits because it has competitions that we can take part in and compete to see how well we fair.
KooBits has helped me to be confident in maths problem sum solving....l like it because I can solve questions that I could not do before....my grades improves a lot after doing KooBits...ty KooBits.
I feel that you, KooBits are the best! I also think that I am improving day by day in Math by doing KooBits. I like the leader board in KooBits to check how good I am. This KooBits is very, very, very fun!!!
I like KooBits because the sums are challenging and fun. I can also challenge others from my school and also see my CP points going up. It helps in dealing with my problem sums in school, now I think more before I attempt the questions and I am more careful with my answers. Thank you KooBits for having such fun and challenging program.
I like KooBits because it helps to improve my Math and helps me learn a new method to solve a series of Math question. It is fun.
KooBits is very awesome. It helps me to learn more about Maths in a fun way!
I like KooBits Math because it is fun to do, I can send peer challenge questions to my friend and my classmates. It helps me to improve my Maths in school.
I like KooBits as their challenges are challenging and help the students to think hard. It is also very fun and interesting. I like the idea of top brain, top class and anything under the category of leader board. They help the students to want to be in the top 10 or top 20 and try to earn challenge points. (By doing given homework and do daily challenges)
I love the challenge because it is very fun and exciting! It helps my math on problem sums questions.
Doing the KooBits questions has been fun and I can learn more Maths concepts through this portal.
I like the badges and the skills about Koobits. The skills will help me when that question is out for my examinations .I wish I can get all the badges but now I'm Primary 4 so I only can get 3 badges. It does help me in my mathematics sometimes. It is very fun for me as I can learn new types of mathematics questions.
I like doing KooBits self practise and daily challenge. It made me improve my maths skill. I like the KooBits badges too and hoping to get one.
I love KooBits because it is fun and improved my math a lot. I have been using it daily since I started using it.
I think KooBits Challenge is fun as I get to earn challenge points and get more exposed to different types of mathematics problem sums. I think KooBits challenge helps me in math.
I like about KooBits is that it is fun to learn and do challenges with my friends, it really helps me to improve my maths.
The KooBits problems makes my brain working. I love KOOBITS!!!
KooBits challenge is super fun and super cool.
KooBits is very fun! I have improved my Mathematics through practising daily.
I like KooBits as it can keep track of my KooBits homework. It helps in math as you can practice till perfect.
KooBits is a fun and engaging portal for me. It really helps my maths and I like to challenge my friends. KooBits is something I really enjoy.
I like the KooBits Challenge very much. It encourages many people from Primary 1 to 6 to enjoy Mathematics in and fun and interesting. To add on, KooBits will give attractive prizes to people who have take part in KooBits Challenge, for example Boys Versus Girls Competition. I find that the questions in KooBits did really improve my Maths, what is more is that some of those questions were tested in my exams! I could easily apply those good and clear solutions KooBits have provided to solve the questions.
I like KooBits because i can win the grand prizes and see my name at the top brain list and it does help my math by teaching me new challenge and win more cp. It is fun because it helps my math alot and improves my math. Thank you. I LOVE YOU KOOBITS!
I love KooBits because, 1. I love maths 2. The daily challenge makes me happier and it’s encouraging also. 3. I like challenging questions very much.
KooBits is a very useful maths online portal. It’s very interactive!
I like KooBits very much because it’s helpful for my maths.
KooBits has helped me to improve in my maths in a fun way!
KooBits Challenge is exciting and lots of fun. I look forward to it everyday!
I like KooBits because it can improve my maths. It is fun, i could challenge with my friends.
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